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Our Main Products
Roller Shutters
Are Specialist Manufacturers And Installers Of Electrically Operated High Quality Range Of Roller Shutters Are Ideal For Use In The Protection Of Offices, Shops, Factories, Warehouses And Other Public Buildings Such As Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors Surgery’s, Nursery’s, Health Centers, Colleges, Schools,
Universities, Libraries, Swimming Baths, Gyms, Recreation Centers, Sports Halls And Prisons. We Also Supply Domestic Roller Shutters For Use In The Home.

Bi Fold horizontal Doors
Counterweight Door As Manufactured By INEX. Leaf Design, Horizontally Hinged And Counterweight Balanced To Lift Vertically Into A Folded Position. (When Specifying, Please State Type Of Glazing Or Type And Color Of Metal Cladding, suitable For Commercial And Industrial Use. These Doors May Be Used To Span Large Openings Of Up To 6 Meters Wide. Design Wind Loads Range From A Standard As Required.

Swing Doors
Here At Universal Swing A Door, We Manufacture Steel Swing Doors For The Self Storage Industry. But You Can Use Our Door For Anything You Like, Since We Are Universal.

Our Company Has A Unique Design At An Affordable Price. We Can Do This Because Of Our Experienced Staff And Our Excellent Build Quality. Our Goal Is To Produce Superior Quality Steel Swing Doors For You And Your Customers.

Skylight Shutter & Doors
Our Skylight Systems Are Designed For Flexibility And To Fully Meet Design Needs. Our Skylight System Program Not Only Automates All Types Of Skylight Shades, Including Polycarbonate, Steels Aluminum, Cellular And Pleated Shades, But Each System In The Program Offers The Full Range Of Automated, Including Remote, Switch, Control.

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